Quote of the Day

March 14, 2014

Grain is life.

Anton Corbijn in a More Intelligent Life piece on Kodak’s famous Tri-X film.


Wouter Brandsma:

I don’t need to find new challenges, I don’t need to get out of my “comfort zone”, I don’t need to learn new techniques or genres. I can become better at so many other things, but don’t feel the urge to become a better photographer.

A typical Brandsma: Full of doubts, full of wisdom, full of beauty. Now also featuring some excellent music. Read the whole thing to learn about doubts and grandness, photography beyond photography, and maybe to start thinking about how we can stop making photography such “a stupid male thing.”


An Autumn Story (Part 4)

December 20, 2012

Late November, early December: It’s freezing and the last leaves are falling down. Moonlight at 3pm, on a sky as cold as ice. But there are some traces of color left here and there, some light and some warmth. And a promise: Christmas is coming.

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An Autumn Story (Part 3)

December 17, 2012

November: Darkness, from 4pm to 8am. The sky is losing its last remaints of warmth and the sun is barely visible anymore. Only on few days she still manages to win the epic battle against the clouds and the fog. Despite it all – or thanks to it – the forests are more peaceful than ever.

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An Autumn Story (Part 2)

December 13, 2012

October: Sudden rains, surprising sunlight. Yellow, red, orange leaves, everywhere. Mushroom season. (Don’t eat them without caution or you might take an unexpected flight.)


An Autumn Story (Part 1)

December 9, 2012

September: The days are getting shorter. Time to go the beach for a last sunny afternoon. Time to get that paint job done on the ice-cream van. Time for some outdoor sports, for a last beer in the park. Autumn, and so it begins…


I’ll Take That Room, Sir

October 21, 2012

David Alan Harvey: On Getting Lucky from Brandon Li on Vimeo.


Say It

October 19, 2012

Antoine d’Agata:

I don’t believe in photography as an art or a job or anything. I think of photography as a language and I think a language should be used to speak, to say what you have to say. So, the only things I have to say about my life and what I know about the world, is the way I see it. So it’s not about photography. I spent fifteen years of my life, more actually, twenty years of my life in the streets well before photography, so the only thing I can and I should speak about is that…I think people should just use photography to say things and not just photography for the sake of photography, you know. I see so many photographers, now I do quite a few workshops in these days, the world is full of talented photographers. The problem is just so many of them just don’t know what to say, they think life is one thing and photography is another but they don’t realise that photography is just a way to reflect what you are.

Photography is a language.

What do you have to say?


October 3, 2012

Over at Burn Magazine, an interview with Donna Ferrato:

Once photography was a religion. Today it’s business.

Her advice to young photographers:

Find a way to make money. Be smart. If you want to be a photographer, get ready to live on the edge. There are plenty of good photographers concerned with feeding their families and paying the bills. But if you want to break new ground, come up with your own ideas and forget about stablility. Don’t let anyone control your mind.

And I especially liked this bit, talking about the psychological challenges of having a mission like hers, going in to portray the reality of women’s abuse:

CPG: Obviously you have done this topic before. You have a lot of experience with it, but how are you going to undertake it for a year or longer and still maintain your sanity?

DF: Do I seem sane to you?

(long pause from Candy…)

DF: You can say no.

CPG: No.

DF: So, what do I have to maintain? Nothing.

Well worth reading the whole piece, and checking out the links to her impressive photos.


August 2012 (Part II)

October 1, 2012

An interesting month. See part I here.