October 3, 2012

Over at Burn Magazine, an interview with Donna Ferrato:

Once photography was a religion. Today it’s business.

Her advice to young photographers:

Find a way to make money. Be smart. If you want to be a photographer, get ready to live on the edge. There are plenty of good photographers concerned with feeding their families and paying the bills. But if you want to break new ground, come up with your own ideas and forget about stablility. Don’t let anyone control your mind.

And I especially liked this bit, talking about the psychological challenges of having a mission like hers, going in to portray the reality of women’s abuse:

CPG: Obviously you have done this topic before. You have a lot of experience with it, but how are you going to undertake it for a year or longer and still maintain your sanity?

DF: Do I seem sane to you?

(long pause from Candy…)

DF: You can say no.

CPG: No.

DF: So, what do I have to maintain? Nothing.

Well worth reading the whole piece, and checking out the links to her impressive photos.

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